On Saturday 24 February 2024 we move into our second festival in collaboration with VERA: Hybrid. Taking place across both clubs on the Oosterstraat, as well as the monumental Akerk and Forum’s multimedial Rabo Studio, Hybrid unfolds many of contemporary music’s potential trajectories. Here we detail some of them.

For our Friday program during Eurosonic we're proudly linking up with The Hague institution Rewire. The festival’s prominent position within the global circuit for adventurous music is reflected in a diverse cast of characters, each representing their respective universe. In this listening guide we dive a little deeper into their work.

Electronic music is singular in its symmetry with technological innovation. No other art practice mirrors, with such fidelity, technological advance. Does this manifest itself as inhibition, or a great liberator in an era of infinite digital possibilities? How does this technological foreground shape the club visitor’s experience? Daniel Manz investigates.

For the new club season, OOST commissioned Ian Michel to rethink the visual identity of the upstairs room. After two months of conceptualizing, 3D-modeling, fixture patching and installing, the intimate space is now home to an engulfing network of lasers, mirrors and custom-made parts. Ian explains how it came to be.

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